Oh to be in England…



(embroidery on painted cloth)

My, I’m enjoying the early English spring time.  So I place my green-hatted lady here, like a child putting a pussy willow branch on the nature table, or a small boy putting a bit of lamb’s wool in his pocket.  Is being in the spring time a return to innocence for Salty Pinches one asks oneself?

Looking ahead to a darker part of the year, I’m pleased to mention that Littleborough Arts Festival will take place between 15-22 October this year (a different time of year than usual).  So, save the date if you can!

More about  that at the end of the summer.  For now, I’m taking a blogging break, to sew, to work on my ideas for the arts festival, and just, “to be in England now that Spring is  here”.





“Tracey loved to eat”
(fabric crayons and embroidery on cloth)
Part of an on-going project inspired by my neice, Jess, who always needs to hear a new story about her Mum as a child.

And, ideas are marinating richly and remarkably on the Littleborough Arts Festival front. Hettie Haywood, a young Littleborough artist, is enthustiastically “doing” the Facebook page. But is isn’t all about the Festival (that happens at the end of the Summer). Hetty is also covering local bands and other creative events.

Here is the link to the Facebook page. Also, there is a great colourful video about the Festival on YouTube (link below).


See you in April!

Littleborough Arts Festival (Number 12)

exhib photos

From pottery and egg painting workshops to musical concerts and art exhibtions, the Littleborough Arts Festival is impressively inclusive. It also takes art workshops into care homes and makes a donation to Springhill Hospice.

Even if you don’t live local enough to attend, please take a look at the website, as it might be the inspiration you need…


This is just a quickie blog….until my next proper blog in a fortnight or so.