Littleborough Arts Festival – 2016

Three collage/embroideries recently exhibited at the recent Littleborough Arts Festival exhibition.

I will write a little about the festival in my next blog, but for now please do check out the webpage:




Collage at Touchstones


Embroidery on mixed media.  Segment of larger piece.

This little fella, and his rolled up newspaper, can be found  “walking along” on the collage I’m currently displaying in the People’s Art Exhibition at Touchstones, Rochdale. I’ll display the whole collage here after the exhibition comes down.

I couldn’t make the “preview”, so I haven’t seen it hung up yet.   Last year my work got hung near the “kiddie’s colouring table”. I rather liked that, and I hoped the little ones enjoyed it.

I see that my last blog was five months ago.  In the gap there has been a long hot-wet summer  and lots of  “low-brow” novels that I thoroughly enjoyed.




A collage for you to ponder…

At Jericho turn right and follow sign for Birtle.JPG

(mixed media, collage and embroidery, November ’15)

I exhibited this collage at Touchstones Open Art Exhibition, Rochdale, recently.

I’m not going to tell you anything else about it just yet, not even the title.  Make up your own theories and narratives (if you like).  Next week I will tell you the facts I know.  There wouldn’t be any point me doing the collage if I knew what it was all about.



You’re Gonna Get Done!


Once upon a time, long, long ago, my friend and I found some old pots of sticky, purple, gloss paint. They were hidden in long grass near the garden shed in my neighbour’s garden. We prised off the lids and got a little messy. The inspiration for this picture comes from that childhood memory, but the details are not autobiographical. I mixed the memory with a recent theme of collage-shaped jigsaw pieces and an urge to use this particular colour scheme. Or maybe I just wanted to play with purple paint again.

Have you got butter?


Photos of Elsie and John (Mum & Dad).

They did have butter, in abundance, and they had plenty of salt too. I miss their butter and their saltiness very much in the autumn, because Elsie passed in October (2005) and John passed September (2010). The autumn makes my “missing” them more raw somehow every year.

Other inspiration this month: The Touchstones People’s Art Exhibition opens from next weekend and I am exhibiting a collage. Google Touchstones (Rochdale). I will share a picture of it here after the exhibition comes down (in November).

Desire, love and floods


“Desire” – mixed media, collage and embroidery.

Don't worry we won't flood on a hill

“Don’t Worry. We won’t flood on a hill” – mixed media, collage and embroidery.


“Love” – mixed media, collage and embroidery.

A little bit of colour to start the week. A selection of my work exhibited at The Coachhouse, Littleborough recently.

“All intellectual property rights in my designs are and will remain the property of Angela Walker.”

Snow in a heatwave

FullSizeRender CHCH

(gift for a friend, crayon and embroidery on cloth).

For seventy-two years
I’ve kept the ox well under
Today, the plum in bloom again,
I let him wander in the snow.

Bukuo (1384-1455), from “The Penguin Book of Zen Poetry”, Ed. Lucien Stryk, 1977, this edn. 1981, Transl. Takashi Ikemoto

It’s nice to have a bit of snow in the middle of a heatwave isn’t it? I’m doing the opposite with my ox at the moment, as I intend to blog every week in the run up to The Littleborough Art Festival in August. At the moment, I’m working on some collages that I hope to display at the Arts Festival in August. I’ll share more as time goes by.

Because my work is experimental and often involves mixed media, I find that my poor ox is often kept “well under” (with his nose to the grindstone). I’ve sometimes had to force needles through very unwielding fabric, or have found myself doing a lot of boring embroidery filling work (boring to me anyway). Also, my tendency to “jump in” can cause unpleasant surprises at the framing stage. That is a task I do not enjoy. I’ve learned from these experiences thoughand I now give more thought to the issues of materials and framing at the planning stage.