The Square

IMG_4452 (2)

Work in progress (acrylic on board, painted with a stick and edges of card)

“How does knowledge of place help us to know the Self?” (Gary Snyder, “A Place in Space”, 1995, Counterpoint, “Reinhabitation”, page 189)

My inspiration at the moment is space and how we inhabit it.  Who will come into this space?  Will it be some sweet ladies (as in the T S Eliot poem), or, will it be some exotic and unfamiliar folk in a familiar space?  I’m in no rush to finish it.

As I focus on this background, this exterior space, I find that in my notebook a new line of thought begins, turning inwards, and looking at the observer’s interior place.  It is always the new lines that make creating worthwhile, and not the plans and decisions that I begin with.  The new line in my notebook feels as powerful, and as surprising, as water forcing its way between rocks.