Just one more song!

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(Fabric crayon and embroidery on cloth. One in a series inspired by Jessica Angela (my wee niece) who is always asking for just one more story about her Mum’s childhood)

At night, sometimes my sister would sing to me plaintive songs. Songs such as ‘Paper Roses’, ‘Delta Dawn” and ‘Mockingbird’. I’d always plead for one more song. Eventually, my sister would fall asleep, the light on the landing (from the house next door) would go out and our parents would go to bed. It seemed that only I remained wide-awake and lonely in the dark.

The blankets (shown in the picture) and the (repeating pattern) of swans on the bedroom wallpaper often recur in my memory. I remember the cold green lino, with the leaf pattern, where the carpet ended. No heating in bedrooms in those days, but we did have Jack Frost patterns inside the windows.