Exhibition, exhibition, exhibition!

Happy New Year dear readers!

Here I am, back in the snowy North country, after my festive break with family on the South Coast.

To give my salty writing muscles time to recover from their sentimental and restful break, I’m going to make an exhibition of myself this month by displaying some of my collages and paintings from last year. A couple of them are a little earlier than last year, but I’ve returned to them and done some further work on them.  I hope you enjoy, or maybe feel encouraged to have a go at a creative project yourself!  See you in Feb…

Media: mostly mixed media: collage (newspaper or whatever I’ve got), acrylic, oil pastel, etc

Subjects: Fairly obvious I think.  The third picture is a painting of one of my doodles.  The ladies with orange shopping bags and two children: we were asked to create a picture for a local charity on an A5 canvas.  I decided to have a go at enlarging the picture onto a larger canvas and this is how it turned out.  The caption for the picture with the silver goblet is: “we came here once and you made a goblet out of the silver foil your (well known brand) chocolate bar was wrapped in.  Now I walk alone.”  The logs disgorging foliage were inspired by walks at Hollingworth Lake Country park (the sensory garden). The abstract collages are made out of other work that I decided to cut up.  The picture at the bottom with the word “Chutzpah” was made for a friend.  She likes autumn colours. However, I wasn’t happy with it and when I finally got around to looking in the dictionary I saw I wasn’t quite correct in my understanding of what “chutzpah” meant.  It will probably get cut up and end up in a new collage!

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