Blue Flowers

autumn 2014 003

From the poem “Morning Glory” by Ruth Pitter:

“……as in despair
The eye dwells on that ribbed pentagonal round,
A cold sidereal whisper brushes the ear,
A prescient tingling, a prophecy of sound.”

(The Faber Book of 20th Century Womens’ Poetry)

Flowers and raindrops are my inspiration for September. Yet, so easily this blog could have been about pacifism and my changing viewpoint. It could have been about the 75p loaf and what a big help that has been just lately. The value of salt in fable and in life. Potable water. The occasion when master or miss “nobody” wrote a confrontational message on my bed sheet (in pen). It could have been about the uniqueness of my high school RE education. Perhaps I should say the uniqueness of the substitution of The Hobbit for an RE education. Despite the fact that I intensely disliked the book, as far as I recall, I did not perceive any irony behind the choice. This blog could have been about a recent dream in which a drinking glass I was offered contained black oil and beetles. No doubt Freud would have that one covered.

Yes, I tossed and turned my subjects as a peevish wind and wincing light might subdue a field of long grass. Somehow though, peace prevailed. My agitated thoughts on these worldly issues dissolved into autumn flowers and raindrops. Afterall, it is the time of the Michaelmas daisy and I could spend a day looking at a Michaelmas daisy flower. So, I’ve looked at a lot of raindrops and a lot of flowers this August and the light and the shadows. This is peace, in a world full of hate and war.


Blue Flowers (collage) by Angie, August 2014

Other Inspiration this month:

“Point of Departure”, by James Cameron

Littleborough Arts Festival – Google for information. The festival is on now until 31 August. There are displays of art work and a schedule of open studios, workshops and entertainments. The festival fundraises for Springhill Hospice, Rochdale.