Green & Silver

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(collage by Angie, July 14)

“green shines to silver where the spirit passes”

(From Denise Levertov’s poem, “Passage”, from The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Women Poets ed. Jeni Couzyn, 1985 (1990)

Green and silver have been my colours over the past few months. And, every collage I make, I feel, has an element of self-portrait about it. Collage and poetry can take us deep inside to retrieve our symbols and help us make connections.

My inspiration for August is the Inner Space charity. I attended a talk on the subject of Courage at their Manchester “home” in March (a talk given as part of International Womens’ Day). Since then, I have benefited from more of their talks. Here’s a little poem I wrote after experiencing a very special talk given by a yogi in her 80s:

Silence, she tells us, is spirituality.
My eyes close.
She talks.
I am a child again.
I place one hand on the arm of the black settee.
I place one hand on the arm of the black chair.
I push myself up.
See how strong!
I slide down the bannister.
See how free!
At the low window-sill I watch the light
and the rowan tree.
A long green caterpillar makes its way,
slowly, along the branches.