Is Love a Liberation?

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(Mixed media, (c) AW, July 2013, in memory of a friend, with affection and gratitude)

I know that Dr Maya Angelou is an inspiration for many people. When my children were small I submerged in her books and poems. I love the message in this video. To isolate just one of the interesting comments that she makes: she says her mother was a poor mother of small children (her grandmother raised her), but that she was a very good mother of young adults. Even this woman, whom she admired and loved so much, couldn’t be perfect at everything. How much are we holding on? How much are we letting go? How do we welcome back? Can we refrain from saying, “I told you so!”. I remember my antenatal classes: “labour means just that: hard work”. Yes, and it doesn’t stop there, and not just with motherhood, but with all relationships. I’m raising the questions, I’m listening to inspiration, and I’m working on it too.