Read Colette in your deckchair

felt pictures and streams 005

(Stream of life, AW, 2013, crayon, embroidery and collage)

Colette: Letter (to M Moreno) Saint-Tropez, August 15, 1930

“….They tell me Saint-Tropez is uninhabitable this year. You only find people whose photograph appears in Vogue….Yesterday afternoon I went into the port to buy some toilet paper, and I found the waterfront barred by three rows of Hispanos and Bugattis, the “locals” in Chinese pants, and thirty people, suddenly amassed by magic, waiting for me as I came out of the news vender’s. They were so cheeky that I didn’t conceal what I thought of them.”

Letters from Colette; Selected & Translated by Robert Phelps, Virago; 1982

Colette’s letters are my recommendation for your deckchair reading this year, next year and every year. If you are not already familiar with Colette (1873-1954) you are missing out. I love how wittily Colette’s detail of the toilet paper sticks a pin into the balloon of fame. No sentimentality, only passion for living and earthy common sense.

Billie Holiday, borrowed from YouTube: