Lorca – Lucia Martinez

collages from 2012 for blog illustration 008

(AW, collage, 2012)

Staying on the theme of red silk, and with the notion of summer suddenly becoming a possibility, here is a passionate poem for you by Federico Garcia Lorca.

Lucía Martínez

Lucía Martínez.
Shadowy in red silk.

Like the evening, your thighs
move from light into shadow.
Hidden veins of jet
darken your magnolias.

Here I am, Lucía Martínez.
I’ve come to devour your mouth
and drag you off by the hair
into the seashells of daybreak.

Because I want to and I can.
Shadowy in red silk.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Lucía Martínez

Lucía Martínez.
Umbría de seda roja.

Tus muslos como la tarde
van de la luz a la sombre.
Los azabaches recόnditos
oscurecen tus magnolias.

Aquí estoy, Lucía Martínez.
Vengo a consumir tu boca
y arrastrarte del cabello
en madrugada de conchas.

Porque quiero,y porque puedo.
Umbría de seda roja.

(Federico Garcia Lorca, Selected Poems, Penguin, 2001)