Matinee – No Interval


Do Come In. You might be our only visitor today. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you who those starlets were; their faces have faded to nothing in their frames, as you say. I feel that adds to the ambience. Maybe you need to dry off? Or is it a distraction, a procrastination, you need? Or are you just lost having taken a wrong turning into this quiet city street?

Don’t worry about answering. We keep the lights dimmed. We find that’s how we bear it. If you’re lonesome that’s understandable. The hostess will keep you company, that’s her in crepe black with the rustling jet beads. I’m afraid I can’t recommend the chocolate bars or the rubber in the machines. Materials deteriorate over time.

Here, try this seat, there’s plenty of leg room. I’ll go and see what I can fix up, see what I can do with shadows, lights, cut and splice.

(Just a few lines written for my readers to create a physical home for my blog. I like the idea of having my own little faded cinema).