Winter Considerations

and dare I wear a hat?

A Life in Hats

I will not wear my hat.

I will wear my white fur hat with balls on strings. That’s because it matches my white pull on patent boots. Currently, a similar pair of boots is on display in our local interest centre, and I find that distressing.

I will not wear berets; whether the Brownie uniform beret or the school uniform beret. I’d like to do, but I know what I’d get if I did.

I will wear my black plastic rainhat from the charity shop. I’m a student. I even had photo booth pictures taken wearing my black plastic rainhat and gave one to my boyfriend. Photos, and boyfriend, now lost in the sands of time.

I’m old and need to insulate. So, dare I wear a hat? Well, yes, if it doesn’t make me look too old, or bring to mind the expression: mutton dressed as lamb and as long as I’ll pass in a crowd. Yes, I dare wear a hat. Yes.


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